About the Post Graduate Program For Executives for Visionary Leaders in Manufacturing

What is the PGPEX-VLM?

The PGPEX-VLM refers to IIMC'S full-time one-year residential Post Graduate Programme in Manufacturing Management. This is comparable in rigor and content to a regular one-year full-time MBA programme offered by MIT-LFM.

What are the evaluation criteria during the program? Will I have to pass examination at the end of the Program to get the Diploma?

Each course will have continuous evaluation system based on pedagogy and can include examination, term projects, class interaction etc. Each course will be graded and grade point average will be calculated for each term and full course. You will be required to maintain prescribed academic standard to complete the course. Inability to do so will result in dismissal from the programme as per the prescribed regulation of each Institute.

What is the Program calendar? Would there be breaks in between the modules?

Visit https://www.iimcal.ac.in/programs/pgpex-vlm for Important Dates for Admissions and Academic Calendar.

Does successful completion of PGPEX-VLM program leads to an MBA degree?

A diploma will be awarded jointly by IIMC, IITK and IITM. The diploma conferred is titled "Post Graduate Diploma in Management for Executives in Manufacturing (PGDM for Executives in Manufacturing).” This is equivalent to other PGDM offered by all premier institutes in India.