Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Clubs and SIGs

  • Colloquia Cell

    Top-level practicing managers and distinguished business leaders grace the IIM Calcutta Colloquia Series. These guest lecturers present students with an opportunity to acquire a true picture of present day management issues. Eminent personalities have included Indra Nooyi - President, Pepsico, Ms. Kiran Bedi, Sir Swaraj Paul, Kapil Dev, Ajit Balakrishnan and Late J.R.D. Tata amongst others.
  • Systems Consulting Club, IIM Calcutta

    There has been a paradigm shift in the way the businesses are managed now and the infusion of technology in the management has made it imperative for budding manager to possess the know-how of the fast-changing technology. The SysCon, as a CENTER FOR TECHNO-MANAGEMENT, answers to the needs of wannabe managers through various activities like seminars by eminent personalities, conducting workshops, organizing paper contests, national events, management games, etc.
  • Dramatics Cell

    The Dramatics cell at IIM Calcutta is a team of young dramatists with a passion for theatre. The last academic year saw four major productions being performed. With more than two months of hard work, each play was a night to remember for the budding talent and the audience alike. This year the cell featured a total of 5 riveting performances. The grand finale was 'Who the hell is John?" – which was executed outside the campus for the first time ever. The cell believes in carrying this tradition forward and setting new benchmarks every year. The spellbound audience, of course, has just one word to say - Encore!
  • Entrepreneurship Cell

    This organization is focused on nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among the leaders of the future generation. Towards fostering this spirit they are organizing i2i- Ideas to Implementation, an international Business Plan Competition, the largest of it's kind in Asia. Students from more than 200 institutes (both India and abroad) are taking part in the competition, have been received entries from B-Schools like MIT, Stanford and Kellogg. Apart from this, the cell also organizes workshops and talks on entrepreneurship from time to time. To summarize their efforts, the cell itself is truly a classic example of Entrepreneurship at its best.
  • Finance Club

    The Finance & Investments Club of IIM Calcutta, popularly known as the FinClub is a student driven initiative that collaborates with both the corporate and academia from the financial sector to provide a platform for students to improve their quantitative and analytical thinking abilities. The club organizes activities to assist members in evaluating careers in finance and identifying current career opportunities, extend the practical finance education with job-specific knowledge and connect members with alumni and other finance professionals. Some of the more popular activities include industry talks, workshops, information sessions about careers/companies and virtual stock trading competitions.
  • Team Census

    Census was started as a marketing research club in 2006 but has grown into much, much more. It is now a club that provides a complete experiential marketing experience to the students at IIM-C through two signature events - Mandi and Ulhaas. Census is in place because its members believe that an MBA is all about 'learning by doing' and that there is more to be learned by going out there and selling your product to real customers than by reading about how to do it from a book. Ulhaas is arguably the biggest event in terms of footfall in India, with more than 10000 people visiting the fair every year. Mandi, meanwhile, is about the complete brand building experience which starts from choosing a product to marketing it, selling it, and finally generating real profits."
  • INCA - Initiative for Community Action

    The Initiative for Community Action is IIM Calcutta's way of returning a part of its dues to society. It is a platform that helps raise both students and Non profit Organizations. At the moment, INCA is the largest Student club in IIM Calcutta with a membership of over 100 students. While acting as a means to sensitize students to the socio-economic problems facing a large part the Indian populace, it also exposes them to real time, on-hand consulting experiences. INCA is a tribute from us to society.
  • ISG - Internet Solutions Group

    The IIM Calcutta website and its Extranet are the lifelines for communication and interaction for Students, Faculty, Alumni and Corporates. The Internet Solutions Group spearheads the development of cutting-edge technology for the IIM Calcutta website and performs support activities. It has defined entrepreneurial effort, as seen in the developing e-networks of IIM Calcutta. ISG is a team of 30 odd students driving this innovation and development, hoping to transform the current campus into a Wired one.
  • Marketing Cell

    The global economy has opened up a plethora of avenues for the Indian consumer. Previously, she had to make do with what was available, for lack of choice. Today, it is not the same anymore. Consumer goods are jostling for shelf space, positioning themselves as the answers to her needs, to create the conditions necessary for the all-important deed- the sale. In an attempt to find answers to these vexing issues, the marketing cell conducts annual events like "Brandwitch" and "Margod" along with seminars, and this year, an International Marketing Conference.
  • Quiz Club (ICQC)

    A part of the cultural wing, the IIMC "Kweej" club is essentially defined by the precocious achievements of some of the country's legendary quizzers. And quizzing is as entrenched a tradition here as parties. It goes back to the days of 'seeding quizzes' during the early batches, some of which used to be conducted by the likes of Neil O'Brien - the original patriarch of this mental gymnastics. To keep count of achievements is no mean task, IIM Calcutta teams have been winners of popular quiz shows like Quiz Time, finalists of Mastermind India and several other high octane quizzes in open events across the country. Their latest triumph has been at "Nihilanth '11", the inter IIM-IIT Quiz, where they floored the competition. Internally the IIM Calcutta quizzing calendar is made up of a number of quizzes many of which are currently championed by our students. BBC Mastermind, watch this space!
  • The Consulting Club

    The Consulting Club, IIM Calcutta is a student-run, corporate-facilitated and faculty-guided student body of IIM Calcutta. It was setup with an objective of benefiting the students' community through consulting events, live industry consulting projects, seminars, workshops and other student activities. Besides organising several national level events every year, it has now taken the lead in forming an International Consulting Consortium which includes consulting clubs from the likes of theKellogg School of Management, UCLA (Anderson School of Management),London Business School (LBS), Peter F. Drucker Graduate School Of Business,University of Western Ontario (Richard Ivey School Of Business) and University of Melbourne (Melbourne Business School), among a host of others. Now, that is truly international!
  • CEI

    The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) at IIMC is an initiative to achieve greater understanding of this process as well as stimulate its development for societal benefit. CEI's vision is to be acknowledged as a program of international renown, where students, faculty, alumni, industry and policy makers collaborate, learn and innovate. The team comprises of faculty from different functional areas and disciplines. The Centre is currently led by Prof. Anjan Raichaudhri and headed by a core team of student representatives.

    CEI is currently active in the following areas:-

    • Entrepreneurial Research and Case Development
    •  Venture Creation
    • Events
  • C'nema Paradiso

    It took $7.5 million to build the Titanic, approximately 20 million tons of iceberg to sink it, and $200 million to make a movie about it. From its humble beginnings of silent black and white movies, the world of Cinema has assumed larger than life proportions and morphed itself from a mere medium of entertainment to one of academic interest and research to connoiseurs galore.

    'C'nema Paradiso is an effort on the part of IIM Calcutta to bring together our very own community of cinema aficionados and get an assortment of sorts; ranging from French to German to Korean to Japanese classics. Periodic link of landmark films is one of our prominent activities. Works of legends like Ray, Kubrick, Spielberg, Majidi, Kurosawa have been showcased before the enthusiastic college junta. This blog is an attempt to bring reviews and discussions about anything and everything about the medium of films to the student community of IIM C and the cinema loving world.

  • Persona

    Owing to the rigorous multitasking that is required from every IIMCian it becomes really difficult to keep track of everything going around in the campus. Our literary club, Persona, comes to rescue by publishing Inquest, a periodical which chronicles the major activities on the campus apart from interviews of professors, opinion pieces by students and witty cartoons taking a satirical view at the world within Joka.

    Apart from this Persona also releases an online magazine called IMZine which consists of insightful articles and opinion pieces about the world outside.

  • Adventure Club

    Adventure Club was a brainchild of Malli Mastaan Babu ( 39th batch at IIM C), the patron saint of all trekkers. The man who achieved the incredible feat of scaling the highest peaks of the seven continents in 172 days, the fastest so far . Having begun under such able hands the club took it's task seriously and organized treks, hikes and camping trips for the students of IIM-Calcutta during vacations. And also a fair bit of on-campus activities like triathlons, crowd-runs (where a huge group of students jog together) , wall-climbing, etc.

    This rich heritage has been given a structure, now the club comprises of three branches -treks team , on-campus team and design team. The number of on campus events have increased like "Tour de joka ", (conducted in association with Tata Steel Adventure Foundation) a biathlon of running and cycling, a wall rappelling workshop and many more.

  • Jbs Baro-C

    To unwind from their academic rigor, generations of IIMCians have evolved an institution within the campus. The name might not be very explanatory but JBS-BaroC is the official band of IIMC. JBS-BaroC nights- with the music, the atmosphere coupled with the "refreshments" - act as escape vents out of the daily chores of IIMC, making them one of the cornerstones of IIMC culture.

    JBS stands for "Joka Bus Stand" and BaroC stands for "12 C" which is the number of the bus connecting the campus to the world outside, a metaphor for freedom and fun, much like the band itself. The band does not limit itself to a speicifc genre and plays music ranging from Kishore Kumar's "Humein tumse Pyaar Kitna" to RATM's "Killing in the name of". Their performances are eagerly looked forward to as a time to let your hair down and relax. Their biggest contribution to the institute so far has however been the composition of "Early Days", a song which describes the experience of first two months on campus in poetic detail. No performance of the band is complete without the rendition of this song by the crowd.

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