Adventure Club

adventure club

Adventure Club was a brainchild of Malli Mastaan Babu ( 39th batch at IIM C), the patron saint of all trekkers. The man who achieved the incredible feat of scaling the highest peaks of the seven continents in 172 days, the fastest so far . Having begun under such able hands the club took it's task seriously and organized treks, hikes and camping trips for the students of IIM-Calcutta during vacations. And also a fair bit of on-campus activities like triathlons, crowd-runs (where a huge group of students jog together) , wall-climbing, etc.

This rich heritage has been given a structure, now the club comprises of three branches -treks team , on-campus team and design team. The number of on campus events have increased like "Tour de joka ", (conducted in association with Tata Steel Adventure Foundation) a biathlon of running and cycling, a wall rappelling workshop and many more.