C'nema Paradiso

It took $7.5 million to build the Titanic, approximately 20 million tons of iceberg to sink it, and $200 million to make a movie about it. From its humble beginnings of silent black and white movies, the world of Cinema has assumed larger than life proportions and morphed itself from a mere medium of entertainment to one of academic interest and research to connoiseurs galore.

'C'nema Paradiso is an effort on the part of IIM Calcutta to bring together our very own community of cinema aficionados and get an assortment of sorts; ranging from French to German to Korean to Japanese classics. Periodic link of landmark films is one of our prominent activities. Works of legends like Ray, Kubrick, Spielberg, Majidi, Kurosawa have been showcased before the enthusiastic college junta. This blog is an attempt to bring reviews and discussions about anything and everything about the medium of films to the student community of IIM C and the cinema loving world.