Communication and Journalism Cell (SIG)

Communication & Journalism Cell aims to provide a platform for the free flow of ideas within the members of the IIMC Community. The members of the SIG are active throughout the year, involved in writing business articles, reviews of events around the world and pieces about Life@Joka. The members also spend considerable efforts into conducting primary research through polls, surveys and interviews with eminent figures, professors and students. The members of the SIG are committed to emphasising the importance of communication - a much-underrated skill, for the typical Jokar, and to help students develop these skills, SIG organizes several workshops. The SIG handles the publishing of the Joka Chronicles @ - the IIMC college magazine, features a blog and conducts a plethora of literary events throughout the year.

Events & Performances:

Writing Competition: Blogs, Poems
Joka Square
Cultural Walkdown
Journey to Joka
Speaker Sessions

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