Oikos (SIG)

We realize that as future managers, we play an integral role in reversing the trend of following unsustainable practices for economic growth. Also, with the absence of stringent rules and regulations in India, it increases the need for an organization that can spread the message of sustainable best practices to students of other leading institutions in the country, and contribute as change agents. We, as the Kolkata chapter of Oikos International, aim to catalyse holistic and systemic approach to economic and environmental management in a way that integrates all stakeholders. Being a leader of management education in India, we hope to use our knowledge and expertise to spread the vision of sustainable best practices to other institution and cities across India.

Twitter - https://twitter.com/oikosKolkata?s=08
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/OikosKolkata/?ti=as
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/oikos_iimcal/

Events & Performances:

Sustainability Week ( Quiz, Guest Talks, Carbon Credit, We Love Joka, Case Competition)
Asia Meet
Strategy Meet
Lost @ Joka
Live Projects
Future Labs

Core Members:

  1. President - Abhilasha - 9582084323 - abhilasha2022@email.iimcal.ac.in
  2. Tech Design and content
    Samridhi Jakhar - 96802 28777 - samridhi2022@email.iimcal.ac.in
    Surapureddy Kavya - 94944 59686 - kavya2022@email.iimcal.ac.in
  3. Events Head - Aditya Wadekar - 96654 91533 - adityaw2022@email.iimcal.ac.in
  4. External Relations Head - Vipul Bankar - 8087367115 - vipul2022@email.iimcal.ac.in

Official email - oikos@email.iimcal.ac.in