Persona Club

Persona, the literary club of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, brings together the creative on campus Joka. Besides giving a platform to the literati of IIM-C to showcase their talents, Persona conducts numerous events throughout the year for the rest of the campus to enjoy and excel in. Personaites, as members of Persona are called, stress on the importance of having powerful language skills not only in their personal but in their professional lives as well. Constantly endeavouring to polish and perfect their soft-skills, they epitomize the club motto – Evolve.

Persona has three major aspects to its functioning:

Inquest is Persona's bi-monthly campus magazine. It is the only magazine on campus that is distributed as a hard copy. It covers all the major events, gossips and social happenings within the campus. It also provides a medium for one to get read by the entire student community.

Diamond Harbour ( is the online initiative of Persona. Re-launched this year, Diamond Harbour provides a window into the literary talents at IIM-C. Along with featuring the creative ramblings of Personaites, Diamond Harbour launches periodic competitions for the IIM-C community at large.

The Events team within Persona organizes new and innovative events throughout the year to involve the student community and to provide them with avenues to exhibit their talents. Events like debates, poetry recitals, creative writing competitions, JAM (Just-a-Minute), extempore etc. are held round the year. The highlight remains Persona Sunday: a two-day-weekend lineup of literary events that coincides with the Hindi Fortnight.

Do visit our website to keep abreast of the latest happenings in Persona!