Quiz Club (ICQC)

quiz club

A part of the cultural wing, the IIMC "Kweej" club is essentially defined by the precocious achievements of some of the country's legendary quizzers. And quizzing is as entrenched a tradition here as parties. It goes back to the days of 'seeding quizzes' during the early batches, some of which used to be conducted by the likes of Neil O'Brien - the original patriarch of this mental gymnastics. To keep count of achievements is no mean task, IIM Calcutta teams have been winners of popular quiz shows like Quiz Time, finalists of Mastermind India and several other high octane quizzes in open events across the country. Their latest triumph has been at "Nihilanth '11", the inter IIM-IIT Quiz, where they floored the competition. Internally the IIM Calcutta quizzing calendar is made up of a number of quizzes many of which are currently championed by our students. BBC Mastermind, watch this space!

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