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Mr. Ajoyendra Mukherjee (Global Head of HR, Tata Consultancy Services) Mr. P Anandan (Managing Director, Microsoft Research) Mr. Ravi Apte (CTO, National Stock Exchange) Mr. Ravi Raman [15th Batch Alumnus] (ex CIO, Citibank) Mr. Sanjeev Mital [15th Batch Alumnus] (CEO, NISG) Mr. Vijay Sharma [17th Batch Alumnus] (Executive VP, Oracle FinServices Consulting) Syscon_Poster

Established with a vision to be a “Centre of Excellence in Techno Management”, the Systems Consulting Club started off as a Student Branch of the “Computer Society of India”. Since then the club has moved forward from being a student branch of the CSI to being a full fledged club at IIM Calcutta itself.

SysCon, as we are fondly known here at IIM Calcutta, believes that Solow was right when he said that economic growth depends on technology. We also believe that Solow was right when he said that the computer age can be seen everywhere but in the productivity statistics.

Our aim is to change the visibility equation. We know that Technology changes in the blink of an eye and that managers need to be aware of this before it happens. Our target is to be a hub of techno-management excellence and to equip future managers with the managerial skills necessary to navigate through the dynamic business landscape.

SysCon on campus

We organize seminars, workshops and talks by industry luminaries and execute live industry-driven projects throughout the year. Syscon also brings out a yearly e-magazine called CrossRoads, organizes a campus quiz called Enigmatics, a Case Study competition called Crack and conducts an essay writing competition, Hysterisis, on emerging business applications of technology. This past year we organized the first ever Tech CXO Conclave, that had several CIOs/CEOs and industry bigwigs, come down to our campus and address the student community on various aspects of technology and business. We collaborate with the Systems consulting clubs at IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Bangalore to bring out a pan IIM systems magazine called Click’d.

The “Smart Card” system is a Systems Consulting club initiative to replace minor cash transactions on campus through use of a single student smart card and will be ready by the end of this year. There are several other initiatives in the pipeline planned for the coming year.

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For more information contact:

  • Yateesh Shetty, President (+91-9674315582)
  • Vijay Raman, Core Team member – Industry Interaction and Sponsorship (+91-9819321629)
  • Kashmira Chauhan, Core Team member – Projects (+91-9674315546)
  • Sarabjit Singh Sachdeva, Core Team member – Events(+91-9748476039)
  • Nigel Faria, Magazine Head(+91-9674318782)
  • Asmita Mittal, Website & Design Co-Head(+91-9903147965)
  • Polisetty Pradeep Kumar, Website & Design Co-Head(+91-9674321464)

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