Research & Case Development

Research & Case Development CEI undertakes research projects on various aspects of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. CEI aims to be a leading Centre in Entrepreneurship and Innovation research. IIMC has over the years produced a large number of Fellow Theses in topics related to Entrepreneurship and Innovation. CEI builds its research activities through the collaboration of experienced Faculty Guides and Participants. Where appropriate, the Centre also seeks international collaboration with leading institutions offering entrepreneurship research programmes.

Cases are developed by CEI to highlight different issues and dilemmas faced by Entrepreneurs and Innovators. These cases are used in various CEI programmes with active participation of the Entrepreneurs and Innovators. Case development work is also carried out in collaboration with international partners in order to develop a genuine international portfolio of case studies.

The centre has also collaborated with industry to develop research case for further study. Business models from diverse firms such as Air Deccan, Sula vineyards, Ferns'n'Petals, and Lemon Tree Hotels have been worked upon and presented as cases for discussion in a classroom type of environment.