Financial Aid

I fulfil the eligibility criteria but cannot afford the full tuition fee. Can the IIMC help?

Financial Aid is provided to students in the form of loans. Loans: Student loans are available through a few leading financial institutions.

When can one apply for an educational loan?

Once the admission process has been completed, all admitted students will be informed of the loan application process.

Can I get a sponsorship from the company where I am working?

Yes. Applicants are encouraged to get themselves sponsored by their employers.

Are there any other criteria to be fulfilled by the applicant for getting sponsorship from their employer?

No, there are no separate admission criteria for such candidates and the regular admission procedure will apply.

How does one apply to companies for sponsorships?

Each company has its own policies on sponsoring of high potential employees. It is up to you to ensure sponsorship from the company you are currently employed with.

Is there a different fee structure for sponsored students?

No. The fee structure and the selection criteria are universally applicable.

Does IIMC offer any sponsorship / fees waiver to candidates of this program?

No such provisions are available at present