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IIM Calcutta’s 2012-14 batch has around 77% of students with previous work experience

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KOLKATA: IIM Calcutta's 462-strong batch of 2012-14 has around 77% of students with previous work experience, as compared to 68% in the last batch.

Students with more than a year of work-experience now constitute almost 65% of the batch compared to around 50% in the last couple of years.

Around 13% of students have work experience of more than 3 years, with some as high as 8 years of experience. The average work experience of a student in the PGP1 batch is 21 months. This is a slight increase as compared to the previous year when the average work experience was 18 months.

The batch of 2012-2014 has around 51 female students, an increase of around 4% as compared to the batch of 2013.

A significant 24% of students in the PGP1 batch have received an IIT degree. 13% of students are from NITs, while 53% of students have studied in other Indian engineering colleges. The batch comprises 94% students with an engineering background whereas 3% of students have a pure sciences background. The rest of the students (3%) have a degree in medicine, commerce, management or arts. There are also students with unorthodox educational backgrounds like design engineering and hotel management.

Interestingly, about 4% of students have previously studied in colleges abroad, like London School of Economics, Harvard, Duke University (USA), NUS, NTU (Singapore), Singapore Management University, Academy of Art University, University of Toronto among others.

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