Job Placements

Summer Placements

IIM Calcutta’s summer placement process for the batch of 2013-2015 was conducted in the first week of November’ 2013. The process was conducted in slots, with each slot lasting two days. Slot Zero took place on the 1st and 6th of November and Slot One on the 7th and 8th of November 2013. The process concluded during Slot One, with successful placement of all the students who wished to take offers from the process. A total of 250 firms confirmed participation for the process however the process completed ahead of schedule (record time of 3.25 days) with 150 firms making the final offers. Of batch strength of 454 students, 449 were offered internships while the remaining 5 choose to opt out of the placement process.

Slot Zero saw a total of 282 offers being made for internships, an unprecedented number of offers in Slot Zero so far. The first day of placements saw participation from major Finance firms for a variety of roles viz. Investment Banking, Markets, Equities Research, Corporate Banking and Treasury Division. Major Consulting firms participated during this slot for the management and business consulting roles. There was a diverse variety of roles offered by the Sales & Marketing firms in sectors like FMCG, Healthcare, Telecom and Media. There was also a substantial rise in the General Management offers this year. Slot One saw an influx of Healthcare, Pharma and Retail sectors. Overall Finance and Sales & Marketing were the largest functions in which offers were made at 20% each. Close second are the Consulting and Business Development at 19% each. While General Management came in 3rd with 10%, IT/Systems, Human Resources and Operations rounded off with 4% each.

The 2013 summer placement process has reaffirmed the trust that recruiters place on the institute. There has been a considerable increase in both the number of offers per firm and the diversity of internship profiles offered to students this year. A comprehensive report on the Summer Placements can be found at the link below:

Click here to view the Summer Placement Report

Final Placements

IIM Calcutta’s Final Placement process for the batch of 2012-2014 kicked off on February 7, 2014. A total of 426 students sought for jobs through the placement cell making it one of the largest batches across all IIMs. This year more than 250 firms participated in the placement process. In line with last year, the final placements were based on a slot-based system. Prior to their start, the lateral placements were conducted for students who had prior work-experience. The entire process resulted in a total of 465 jobs being offered to the 426 students. 112 students have already received pre-placement offers (PPOs) on the basis of their performance during the summer internships. 124 offers were made in the lateral placements while the final placements brought in 229 offers.

The offers made this year had a healthy distribution across various functions thereby reinforcing the diversity of career opportunities one can get at IIM Calcutta. Consulting, Finance and Sales & Marketing individually accounted for a quarter of the jobs offered this year. General Management function had a significant share of 11% while Operations, IT and Analytics took care of the remainder of the jobs. IIM Calcutta received one of the highest number of offers in India for the strongly coveted Investment Banking division. Optiver, one of the world’s largest high frequency and proprietary trading firms based out of Netherlands, recruited exclusively from IIM Calcutta. The campus also saw the highest number of PPOs in the management consulting domain across all IIMs. Amazon made the highest number of offers (16 including PPOs) in their leadership and operations roles.

Overall, IIM Calcutta has shown a great performance in the final placements owing to the strong calibre of the students and the excellent academic standards on campus. This performance is also an indicator of the strong industrial ties of the campus and its vast and exemplary alumni network.

Click here to view the Final Placement Report