PGPEX-VLM Application Form Instructions


1. Kindly be aware that you will be solely responsible for ensuring that the application form is duly completed in all respects (including referrals) by the due date. Application, which is incomplete in any way, will not be evaluated. You will be able to save your data and proceed to the next step only when all the mandatory fields are completed.

2. The applicants have to fill in the requisite information, particulars, and details asked for during the initial "registration”. They are required to register their username and password in order to save their partially filled in application on-line, log out of the system and come back later to complete the application process by re-logging into the system with the same user name and password.

3. Kindly make sure you have the following information and scanned self-attested copies of the required original documents with you before proceeding to start the application process. Note that file size for each scanned copy cannot exceed 1.95 MB.

  1. A digital/scanned color passport sized photo not older than six months from the date of submitted application.
  2. Scanned copies of transcripts of all examinations passed till date.

4. Please be ready with the name and contact information of two Referees, who will provide the Letter of Recommendation for you online afterwards.

5. Please note that photographs and other documents will be actually uploaded and saved only after you click the "Save & Continue" button. Once saved, you should be able to see the uploaded photo and/or files and also any modification needed can be done in that step on clicking the "Back and Edit" button.

A preview of the data filled in will be shown after completion of the final step. In case you need to edit anything, you can edit. However once you click on "Save & Finish”, you cannot go back and edit your application any more.

6. The Letters of Recommendation will have to be provided online by the two Referees. The details about their submission process will be sent directly to your Referees. A Referee could be your mentor/supervisor from the last company you have worked for, or a Professor or Teacher from a recent degree program you have completed and who knows you well and are in a position to comment on your candidature. You will be solely responsible to ensure that your Referees provide the referral by the due date. Please contact your Referees early to ensure that they submit their recommendations within the application closure date. An application without the complete sets of referrals will be considered incomplete. For each application, TWO Letters of Recommendation are required.

Applicants are requested to fill up the Referee information carefully. However, once submitted, Referee information cannot be changed. After payment and final submission the link will be sent to your referees to submit their recommendation online.

7. *Note: Very Important. Please read carefully:

Please add the email address to the address book of your email account (provided to us/set as your user ID) and mark it as 'not spam' for receiving future mails from this address in your Inbox. This will prevent the security setting of your email service provider from considering the mails coming from as "spam" and/or blocking those.

Referees will also receive automated emails from Kindly ensure that they do the same for their email accounts that you provide while filling in Referee information during your online application. In case you are using your company’s email account, kindly talk to your systems administrator regarding the security setting of your company’s email server to set as "safe/not spam”. Kindly be aware that you will be solely responsible for ensuring that the emails from reach you and your Referees so that the application form is duly completed in all respects (including referrals) by the due date. Application which is incomplete in any way will not be evaluated.

8. You need to provide the preference for the Test centers at four cities (Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi) in order of your Preference. However, if a sufficient number of applicants do not prefer a particular city, Test may not be held in that city, and the applicants will be allotted to the next preferred city. The mode of conducting the written examination is subject to the advisories and guidelines of the Central and State Government during the admission process for the 2022-23 Batch. The interview may be held online depending on the circumstances and Government advisories.

9. You will be required to make a Payment of INR 3500 net (Non-refundable) towards Application Fees to complete the application process. You need to make the payment online by Debit/Credit Card or using Net Banking facility.

In case you need any further assistance, please contact PGPEX VLMP Admission Office at

10. This section and form is best viewed at IE8 or above, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.