Academic Calendar PGPEX-VLM (2022-2023)

Post Graduate Programme for Executives
Visionary Leadership in manufacturing

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Academic Calendar for 16th Batch (*tentative, decided by Tri Institute)

Academic Year (2022-2023)

0 Mid of April to End of April, 2022 Term 0 at IIM Calcutta
I Start of May to Mid of June, 2022 Course Work at IIM Calcutta
II Mid of June to Start of August, 2022 Course Work at IIM Calcutta
III Start of August to Mid of October, 2022 Course Work at IIT Kanpur including laboratory
IV Mid of October to Mid of December, 2022 Course Work at IIT Madras
V Mid of December to End of January, 2023 Course Work at IIM Calcutta
VI End of January to Start of February, 2023 Quality Management System Auditor/Lead Auditor Training (Based on ISO : 2008)
VII Start of February to Mid of March, 2023 Industry Internship and continuation of the Final Placement at IIM Calcutta
VIII Mid of March to End of March, 2023 International Industrial Study Visit at Japan**
** The exact format, dates and feasibility of industrial visit will be decided and may be revised as per the instruction of the competent authority