Recruiters - FAQs

How can I recruit PGPEX-VLM students?

Recruit on campus

Companies are encouraged to visit the IIM Calcutta campus for the placement process, which includes pre-placement talks and interviews. Interviews can be arranged on campus, taking advantage of our interview rooms or state-of-the-art video- conference facilities.

Recruit for internships and projects

The students of the PGPEX-VLM programme undergo an industry internship during Jan - Feb. The recruiting organizations can benefit from highly motivated, self-starting individuals by making them work on specific business issues.

Post a job description

At any time during the year, descriptions of career opportunities (full-time positions or internships) can be e-mailed at

Visit us at:

Videoconferencing Services

If the recruiter is unable to visit the campus, they can conduct information sessions using IIM Calcutta’s videoconferencing facilities and also conduct real-time interviews with prospective students from PGPEX-VLM.

Contact the Recruitment Relationship Managers (RRM) to utilize these resources:

Seminars and workshops (YEAR-ROUND)

These represent an excellent opportunity to help develop skills that could eventually benefit your organization. Past topics have included presentation skills, case interview techniques and operational overviews. These exchanges enhance our curriculum while promoting your organization. The placement team will help you locate the best faculty partner.

Why should an organization make a presentation to students on campus?

It provides a unique opportunity for face-to-face contact and networking which is absent via internet medium. It also allows the firm to convey a distinct message about its culture (for example, with MBA alumni participation) that may be difficult to discern through other media.

When can my organization book the slots for presentations and final interviews before coming for placement?

The complete agenda for the pre-placement talks, summer internships and final interviews is as mentioned below. Your organization can choose the most convenient location which would suit your requirements.

How much do "on campus" presentations cost?

There is no charge for campus presentations.

Who do we need to contact, to schedule our company presentation and interviews?

The easiest option for your organization will be to get in touch with any of the student placement committee.

Will the VLMP passing batch grades be shared with potential recruiters?

PGPEX-VLM students have substantial work experience and have been admitted through a rigorous evaluation of each applicants educational background, intellectual capabilities, professional experience and global outlook, successful completion of this program at IIM Calcutta signifies each participants academic success, management potential and cultural awareness. The institute treats its students grades as confidential information and has therefore adopted a policy of grade non-disclosure.

My company is a first time recruiter at IIM Calcutta. How does your recruiting program support my efforts?

Your firm can send its promotional material, hold an early informational session on campus or via video conferencing, and conduct an expert seminar so as to increase the exposure of your firms business and opportunities to a large number of students. Besides this our student placement committee can help you develop high impact events and at the optimal times by informing you if other companies from your industry are planning events for the same time. By coordinating with the student placement committee, each company can maximize potential student attendance.

Since this is a joint program conducted by IIM Calcutta and IIT Kanpur and Madras, where will the final placement process be held?

IIM Calcutta is the final responsible institute for the placements and all other matters related to placements.

Since the students of VLM course already possess substantial work experience, what would be their right fit in my organization?

Since the VLM candidates carry substantial experience ranging from 4.5 years to 10 years the roles which can be offered are

a) Senior level : VP/ GM / DGM

b) Middle level : AGM / Senior Manager

c) Product management / Engagement management and Account management roles

d) Core Strategy Managers

e) Operations Managers and Head of Product Lines

f) Strategic and Management Consulting roles namely Associate Consultants, Sr. Consultants or Principal Consultants

g) General Management Profiles

h) Supply Chain and Logistics Managers

i) Branding, Key Account Management, Business Development and Sales & marketing