Strategy Club

Strategy Club is a student run initiative that aims to provide students a platform for exploring the world of strategy.
The idea is to equip students to prepare students for top management/CXO roles. To help them connect dots from different domains (i.e. marketing, finance, operations, policy design, behavioral economics etc.) while facing any business problem. To instill in them big picture mindset and equip them to ask the right questions.
As many students will be joining in the top management roles after their MBA, they will be facing business problems which will not be only specific to Marketing or operations or finance etc., instead, the problems will be more holistic in nature. Also, those positions would require them to take decisions in uncertainty, almost always. Strategy Club will bring opportunities to cater to be successful at those positions, to have the capability of identifying few critical aspects of any problem and take decisions which are feasible & impactful and resistance-proof.

Events & Competitions:

  • Case Competitions (Inter and Intra IIM)
  • Live Projects
  • Speaker Sessions
  • Publications



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