Vipul Mathur

Vipul Mathur


Assistant Professor
Academic Group: Economics


Phone No.: +91-33-2467 8300 Extension: 729
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Journal Publications:

  • Mathur, V., & Subramanian, C. (2016). Financial market segmentation and choice of exchange rate regimes. Economics Letters, 142, 78-82.

Research Interests:

  • My research interests are at the intersection of monetary policy, financial markets, and the real sector. My thesis is an attempt at exploring the interplay amongst these in an environment where financial market participation is limited. In such a setup, I analyse how the financial shocks are transmitted through the real sector and how monetary policy affects asset prices and volatility. Besides this, I am also interested in the application of behavioral science literature in economics and finance.&
  • In addition to the academic world, my engagement with the financial markets have been at the fixed income and currency trading desks where I have attempted to formulate trade strategies by applying a mix of macroeconomic fundamentals, financial econometrics and behavioral science. Prior to my doctorate in Economics from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, I also earned a graduate degree, in a less fascinating but more real, Mechanical Engineering, from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.