The Board of Governors of IIM Calcutta met on November 7th , 2023, to take note of the resignation letter of the Director, Prof. Uttam Kumar Sarkar. The resignation was accepted with immediate effect. Prof. Uttam Kumar Sarkar will continue as a Professor in the MIS Group of the Institute. Prof. Sahadeb Sarkar a Professor in the Operations Management Group of the Institute has been appointed as Director-in- Charge in accordance with the provisions of the IIM Act 2017. Prof Sahadeb Sarkar has a Ph. D. in Statistics from Iowa State University, USA. He joined the Operations Management Group of IIM Calcutta in 1997. Before joining IIM Calcutta he was an Associate Professor with tenure at Oklahoma State University, USA. He has also served as a visiting Professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA.

The Board appreciated Prof. Uttam Kumar Sarkar for his valuable contribution as the Director of IIM Calcutta and wished him good luck in all his future endeavors.

Board of Governors
IIM Calcutta