The mission of IIM Calcutta is to establish itself as an international center of excellence in management education. Keeping this in mind, we started our international student exchange programme in 1999. This initiative helped us provide our students with the opportunity of learning and operating in culturally diverse environments. Over the last 11 years, we have seen that learning about and working in a new country with totally different business practices, cultural realities, team dynamics, etc. has helped our students learn how to adapt to international realities and become true global leaders.

We believe that student exchange is the stepping stone towards establishing international relations in all aspects of education and research. This has been our motivation for introducing exchange programmes encompassing more areas of relevance. In addition to our existing student exchange programmes, we have started an exchange for candidates enrolled in executive programmes. This will enable incoming students to interact with industry experts as well as faculty who are considered to be leaders in their respective fields of specialization. We have also set up an exchange programme for our fellow students. This programme envisions collaboration that would be crucial in developing cutting-edge research work. As a part of this initiative, we would be sending our doctoral students to complete some part of their thesis under a professor from a partner institute, and vice-versa. This would allow students to work with acknowledged leaders in their respective fields, resulting in very high quality research work being accomplished.

IIMC strives to develop a holistic approach towards international relations that will go beyond the scope of student exchange programmes. Faculty exchange is one of the many initiatives we are taking up to accomplish this goal. Under our faculty exchange programme, we would be very keen to host faculty from our partner universities for some period of our academic year. We would also be sending our faculty to our partner universities for exposure to the different pedagogy followed there, and to enrich students with knowledge derived from the Indian context.

In addition, we also promote joint conferences & seminars, joint executive training programmes, and joint research projects. This is where we join hands with other international institutes, sharing resources to ensure that not only our institutes, but even other stakeholders can benefit the most from our knowledge and expertise.

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IIM Calcutta's STEP Batch of 2023

As our exchange students prepare to embark on new adventures soon, we celebrate their time at IIM Calcutta with a formal photoshoot alongside STEP Program Manager of the International Office, STEP Representative and President.

IIM Calcutta's STEP Batch of 2023
IIM Calcutta's STEP Batch of 2023
IIM Calcutta's STEP Batch of 2023

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Prof. Bhaskar Chakrabarti

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Ms. Soma Dasgupta

International Office,
Student Exchange Programme (STEP)
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta ,
Diamond Harbour Road, Joka ,
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