About India, Kolkata

Stretching from the lofty peaks of the Himalayas in the North to the quaint greenery of Kerala in the South, and from the sacred Ganges in the East to the sand dunes of the Thar Desert in the West, India encompasses unrivaled variety. Home to the most populous democracy in the world, once you walk the streets of an Indian city you’ll come to see people representing several of the world's great faiths. In fact, being the birthplace to four of the world’s major religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism), India offers an unmatched spiritual experience...Read More

About IIMC

IIM Calcutta is one of the top 3 business schools in India. It was established in 1961 in collaboration with the Sloan School of Management (MIT), the Ford Foundation, the Government of West Bengal, together with ample support and cooperation from the Indian business fraternity. Today, IIM Calcutta is a veritable melting pot of excellence - both its students and faculty are among the best in the world. The IIMC campus is spread across 135 acres of Joka, a suburb in the southern part of Kolkata. It boasts of scenic locales, seven lakes, and even a miniature Howrah Bridge...Read More

Why go for Exchange?

In today’s world, it is essential that managers adjust and adapt quickly to diverse situations, and be flexible to work with teams spread across the globe. Acquaintance to foreign cultures and etiquettes gains considerable importance in such scenarios. IIM Calcutta aims to make each one of its graduating students adept at dealing with an increasingly globalized world... Read More

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