We at IIM Calcutta take various measures to ensure you have a great experience before as well as after you arrive here. As a part of these initiatives, we introduced a buddy programme for all exchange students.

About a month prior to your arrival on campus, you will be allotted two buddies. Buddies are student volunteers who opt to help and guide visiting students through their entire stay at IIMC, helping you make a smooth transition into life at Joka. You can get in touch with your buddies through email or phone calls, any time of the day. Your buddies will help you with any formalities or queries you might have, such as course selection, travel plans, etc.

On reaching the IIMC campus at Joka, you don’t have to panic, your buddies will be right beside you. From taking you around the campus to guiding you through the IIMC registration process, they will do it all. Buddies have traditionally been a great source of help to all incoming exchange students. Along with this, we also maintain a Facebook page where you can interact with other exchange students. Members of the Exchange Sub-Committee or the Student Exchange Representative are available at all times. And once you are on campus, your wing-mates will leave no stone unturned to give you a taste of the well-known Indian hospitality, ensuring that you become a part of the IIMC family!