Executive Education

As organizations become flatter and more agile, or global and more complex, they create new opportunities for talented leaders.

To capitalize on these opportunities, practicing managers need cross-functional skills, strategic vision and superior management expertise. Managers and Executives of modern day organizations need to continuously hone their skills and upgrade their business acumen, to stay abreast of industry trends and leverage upon emerging opportunities.

IIM Calcutta’s Executive Education programmes have been designed to effectively spread quality management education among practicing managers, across all levels. These programmes equip experienced professionals with powerful knowledge, tools and resources to tackle the most complex business challenges of today.

Our spectrum of offerings in the Executive Education space is as follows:

  • Management Development Programmes (MDPs): Comprehensively structured classroom sessions that typically span from 3 days to 3 weeks, and are designed to address specific corporate training objectives.
    • Open MDPs - We offer a calendarized set of MDPs, spreading across the entire spectrum of functional areas in the Business Management domain.
    • Customized Training Programmes – Also called In-Company programmes, these are tailor-made modules, created around specific mandates from discerning corporate clients.
  • Long Duration Programmes (LDPs): Programmes that are conducted on the distance learning format and are disseminated through satellite-based learning platforms, interspersed with brief in-campus sessions.
  • Consultancy
  • Research