Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) was established with the gen erous support of the Union Government and the State Government. IIMC continued to receive financial support from the union government till 2003 and much of the physical infrastructure of IIMC could not have been created without timely financial support from the Government. Since 2003 IIMC has been largely funding its activities through internal accruals.

IIMC has just completed its first fifty years and needs to plan for its journey during the next fifty years. IIMC intends to develop new generations of leaders who can create an impact in business and society. We believe our dream cannot be fulfilled without generous support from our alumni. We believe that it is the students, faculty and alumni who can drive the Institute's vision forward. The best reason to give to IIMC is not simply because you are an alumnus, it is also because you believe in what IIMC stands for, and you support its work. To continue its mission, IIMC must attract and retain the best faculty and students. It must also create an environment that provides opportunities to faculty and students to nurture their innovative ideas and encourage lively exchange of ideas.

The collective support of our alumni community—contributions of funds, time, and expertise—will enable us to continue our pursuit in achieving excellence in management education. Your generous financial support will help your Alma mater in several ways-promoting centers of excellences, setting up of Innovation Park for incubating new ideas, providing scholarship to meritorious students who have demonstrated financial need, funding big interdisciplinary research projects, and creating recreational and other amenities for students etc.

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