Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC) was established with the gen erous support of the Union Government and the State Government. IIMC continued to receive financial support from the union government till 2003 and much of the physical infrastructure of IIMC could not have been created without timely financial support from the Government. Since 2003 IIMC has been largely funding its activities through internal accruals.

IIMC has just completed its first fifty years and needs to plan for its journey during the next fifty years. IIMC intends to develop new generations of leaders who can create an impact in business and society. We believe our dream cannot be fulfilled without generous support from our alumni. We believe that it is the students, faculty and alumni who can drive the Institute's vision forward. The best reason to give to IIMC is not simply because you are an alumnus, it is also because you believe in what IIMC stands for, and you support its work. To continue its mission, IIMC must attract and retain the best faculty and students. It must also create an environment that provides opportunities to faculty and students to nurture their innovative ideas and encourage lively exchange of ideas.

The collective support of our alumni community—contributions of funds, time, and expertise—will enable us to continue our pursuit in achieving excellence in management education. Your generous financial support will help your Alma mater in several ways-promoting centers of excellences, setting up of Innovation Park for incubating new ideas, providing scholarship to meritorious students who have demonstrated financial need, funding big interdisciplinary research projects, and creating recreational and other amenities for students etc.

Infrastructure Fund:

The Institute has already invested a significant sum of money to augment the physical infrastructural facilities in the campus by adding about half a million square feet of built up space. However, this is not enough. The Institute needs to construct more hostels (for doctoral and international students) and class rooms. The Institute also needs fund to set up an incubation park (as a section 25 company). The infrastructure fund will be used to create such new physical facilities. It is proposed that individual contributions of Rs. 25,00,000 or more will have naming rights. However, the policy for naming rights is under formulation, and will be circulated once it is finalized.

Academic Centre Development Fund:

Individual contributions of Rs.5,00,000 or more to support activities of the Institute existing academic centers. All contributions will find special mention in the Annual Report. The donors' name will also be listed prominently in the Centre's office. The donor will become a member of the advisory board of the center for one term. An interview with the donor will be published in the alumni newsletter-Connexion.

The Director's Fund:

This is an unrestricted fund to support high-priority initiatives of the Institute -providing financial aid to needy students, funding interdisciplinary big research projects, providing financial support for student exchange programme, and providing financial support to Fellow students to spend a term abroad after course work. Director will have discretion to use such fund for purposes listed above. Any alumnus contributing Rs.50,000 or more will be listed in the Director's Fund. The names of all donors will be printed in the Annual Report. A brief profile of each donor will be published in the alumni newsletter-Connexion.

Teaching Innovation Fund:

This is another unrestricted fund to support innovation in teaching. The fund will be utilized in designing innovative courses which may involve teaching by several industry experts, traveling, developing simulated games etc. Any alumnus contributing Rs.20,000 or more will be listed in the IIMC newsletter (Sandesh) and Alumni newsletter( Connexion).

Reunion Class Fund:

Every December, the Institute celebrates reunion of the batch completing silver jubilee of alumni status. The event Reminiscence reconnects alumni with their batch mates, faculty, staff and present students. There may be occasional reunion events for other batches as well. On the occasion of reunion, you may contribute as a batch to this fund, called Reunion Class Fund, which will be used only for creating recreational and other amenities for students. The minimum contribution will be Rs.25,00,000 for the batch. The name of the donor-batch will be mentioned on the site of the facility in addition to its mention in the Annual Report.

Student Activity Fund:

Recent alumni, who have graduated in the last three years, can donate to this fund with a minimum contribution of Rs.10,000 each. This fund will be used to support activities of various student clubs, events organized by the Student Council. Donors’ names will be mentioned in the Institute's website, alumni newsletter and student's portal.

Staff Development Fund:

Giving can start right from the day of graduation. Graduating students can contribute to this fund with a minimum amount of Rs.5,000 each. The contributions will be used towards competency development of officers and staff in a manner as deemed fit by the Institute.

Alumni Sports Fund:

This is an earmarked fund for developing IIM Calcutta's sports complex.

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