Master of Business Administration

Designed to train students to become excellent general managers and high-level-decision-makers with broad strategic vision, this full-time two year residential Programme views management as an integrated process and helps students develop a global view and respond effectively to changes in the economic, technological, cultural and political environments. Specific skills in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and management lie at the heart of the course.

The degree in management at the Post-Graduate level has a two-tier structure: it consists of a core curriculum (compulsory credit courses and compulsory non-credit courses), a summer internship (compulsory industry training between first and second year) and elective courses (optional courses in the second year).The first year is committed to developing business fundamentals through compulsory courses spanning the areas of economics, finance, marketing, operations, systems and organizational behavior. The second year offers more number of electives than any other B-School in India, the flexibility ensuring that a student never makes a compromise with his desired area of pursuit. Students aspiring to delve deeper into topics can undertake term papers under faculty supervision.

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Chairperson's Message

Professor Abhishek Goel
Chairperson MBA Programme
IIM Calcutta

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Mentorship Programme

Placements form an integral part of B-schoollife and the first time that one gets to experience the whirlwind experience is during the Summer Placements. It is crucial for any future manager as it is an excellent opportunity to work in the corporate sector, decide on one’s career path and make a smooth transition from academic life to life as managers and leaders. While being a great opportunity it is also a great challenge for them.

At IIM Calcutta, the culture is one of knowledge sharing and mentorship. As such, every year, the second year students of the Institute organize a mentorship programme for the first year students to prepare them for the summer placement process. The Mentorship programme begins right from the stage of CV making, wherein each first year student is assigned 2-3 mentors, who have backgrounds similar to him/her. These mentors lead the first years through the entire process of CV making, guiding them at each and every step. As far as the preparation for GDs and interviews is concerned, no stones are left unturned to ensure that the aspirants are ready for the D-day. Various clubs such as Finance and Investment Club, Consulting Club, Marketing Cell conduct sessions for them wherein they are made aware of the nuances of their chosen field. Mock interviews are conducted and the aspirants are judged on a variety of parameters as a real interviewer would. Further, detailed feedback is provided about their areas of strengths and weaknesses to every student as also means to build on the strengths and negate the weaknesses.

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Summer Placements

IIM Calcutta’s Summer Placement process for the batch of 2019-21 kicked off on October 20, 2019. It was one of the largest batches in IIMC’s 56-year-old history with 480 students. The process saw a participation of 136 firms giving a total of 495 offers, with the whole batch getting placed in a record time of two days.

Final Placements

IIM Calcutta completed its final placement week for the 58th batch of its flagship 2-year MBA programme on 24th February 2023 by securing 573 offers for the 465 students.This placement drive followed a cluster-cohort process with all firms of a cluster getting equal opportunity to interview. The process was conducted in a hybrid mode and saw the expansion of Hold and Wait (16 extra offers) and Dreams (34 extra offers) policies. IIM Calcutta implements cluster-cohort, hold and wait and dreams policies to enable recruiters to find a better Company-Student fit.

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Summer Internship

The Summer Internship Programme is meant to bridge the gap between the real-life business and academic institutions. It is a simulation of the business environment and enables students to experience the rigors of a business organization.

The objectives of Summer Internship include:

  1. To provide students with opportunities to apply the concepts learnt in the class-room to real-life situations
  2. To sensitize students to the nuances of a work place by assigning time-bound projects in a company
  3. To provide students a platform to network which will be useful to further their career prospects

The Summer Internship Programme emphasizes the evaluation of the student’s work at the work center with active involvement of the senior management. These efforts have strengthened the close industry relationship at academic centers and have also paved the way for pre-placement offers to the students

As a course requirement, every MBA student of IIM Calcutta is expected to complete an 8-week industry internship in the summer between the first and second year of the course. The summer placement process is held to facilitate these internships for the students. Most firms offer students full-time positions based on the internships (pre-placement offers). The summer internship process gains importance as many firms (especially investment banks) hire on a strict PPO policy – they hire interns and after evaluating their work for the two months, make them a pre-placement offer (PPO). Most of these firms then do not hire from campuses during final placements.


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