Recruit on Campus

Companies are encouraged to visit the IIM Calcutta campus for the placement process, which includes pre-placement talks and interviews. Interviews can be arranged on campus taking advantage of our interview rooms or state-of-the-art video conference facilities.

Notifying a job description

At any time during the year, descriptions of career opportunities can be send to

Videoconferencing Services :

Information session and real time interviews can be conducted using our videoconferencing facilities, if a recruiter is unable to visit the campus. Please contact either the placement executives or student representatives for assistance regarding scheduling and arranging for interviews/information sessions.

Campus Visit Policy

Companies may visit the institute before the scheduled placement days to conduct industry talks and discussions.

Following guidelines shall be applicable in this context:

  • Any on-campus activity which is not a part of regular academic curriculum is defined as company-participant interaction. Companies can conduct a maximum of two interactions for MBAEx (slot for interaction will be assigned on a first come first serve basis)
  • All campus activities must be scheduled in conjunction with the MBAEx placement committee.
  • The fixed joining fee per student is charged for the services offered to the company throughout the course of recruitment from the campus.
  • All placement charges should be settled within one month of students joining the organization. The institute however dies not guarantee that the student will join the company or will remain in the job for specified duration of time.

Service taxes, if applicable , will be charged in addition to the fees.

Grade Non-Disclosure

MBAEx students have substantial work experience and have been admitted through a rigorous evaluation of each applicant’s educational background, intellectual capabilities, professional experience and global outlook. Successful completion of this  programme at IIM Calcutta signifies each participant’s academic success, management potential cultural awareness .The School treats its students’ grades as confidential information and has therefore adopted a policy of grade non-disclosure.

The Placement Committee reserves the right to amend the rules/guideline stated above and will inform the companies of any changes thereto.


Recruiters are required to communicate the offer details to the MBAEx Placement Committee in order to enable the committee to streamline the placement process for both recruiter and participant.

We advice our students to consider each opportunity as a long term commitment and to accept offers where they can make contributions over time. For this reason, we request that all candidates be given a minimum of 3 weeks to make a decision. This ensures students have an adequate amount of time to fully evaluate an offer.

The placement committee understands your need to finalize business planning and will encourage students to make their decisions as quickly as possible. We encourage you to stay in close contact with us throughout the recruiting session and offer processes so that, we can ensure students are adhering to our guidelines and assist you with any helpful information.

Employers are expected to honor any offers they extend. If an offer must be rescinded, employers should contact their account manager immediately to work out a positive communication strategy.

Placement Process And Policies:

At IIM Calcutta We want recruiting our students to be easy and flexible. We also want to optimize your success and deliver the highest yield possible based on your offers and marketing efforts. With this in mind, we have outlined a set of guidelines practiced by organizations that tend to have the highest acceptance rate.

  • Companies are encouraged to visit the campus for the placement process which includes pre-placement talks and interviews.
  • Unless explicit permission has been provided by the Placement  Committee , participants are restricted from approaching companies directly for individual placements. Companies are requested to interact either through student representatives or executives of the Placement Committee.

Fee Structure :

The institute would be charging the following fees to the companies for each student who joins the company.


Fee TypeOverseasDomestic
Recruitment Fee per Student USD 3,000 INR 60,000