50 years Lake Joka @IIM Calcutta Foggy, IIM Calcutta B.C. Roy Memorial Library, IIM Calcutta Foggy Joka Auditorium (IIMC) Howrah bridge View from NTB top On the way from classes Campus, IIM Calcutta Campus, IIM Calcutta

comma Once upon a midnight dreary…as I wandered weak and weary…over a single quaint and curious volume of forgettable Kotler. ‘Tis the night before a Marketing Management Project Submission. So what’s so special about that anyway? Nothing really…there is a party in process on the jetty… moonlight, music and the other good things in life by the lake. Someone is strumming “Free Falling” and the crowd joins in lustily in various decibel levels of cacophony. So what if their project hasn’t been formatted or printed – they have the whole of the night and the morning to do that! Welcome to the magical, mystical place called I.I.M. Calcutta….comma