Centers of Excellence

Finance Lab

The Financial Research and Trading Lab (FRTL) at IIM Calcutta was set up in November 2008 to undertake cutting edge research on financial markets using real time high frequency data from financial markets of India and around the world. In 2011, the grant from the Government of India of Rs. 20 crore helped the Lab grow into a world-class centre of excellence.
The mission of FRTL is to develop productive and ethical future accounting and finance researchers and business leaders and to advance the theory and practice of accounting and finance. FRTL’s current strategy is greater engagement with stakeholders (IIMC alumni, IIMC students, IIMC faculty, academia, financial sector experts, and others) through learning, knowledge sharing, networking, and training activities.

Management Centre for Human Values (MCHV)

MCHV enshrines more than two decades of aspiration and effort to hold up to the members of human organizations and institutions - in India and elsewhere - contemporary adaptations from the perennial corpus of Indian Psycho - Philosophical wisdom. It is completely nondenominational. It also embodies the striving towards evolving the `Vedantic Ethic' from the Indian deep structure, bridging a vital gap between the `Protestant Ethic' from the Far West and the `Confucian Ethic' from the Far East. A large segment of managers and professionals in India has for long been awaiting filling up of this end.

Centre for Development and Environment Policy (CDEP)

Supported by a core endowment provided by the Indian Planning Commission, the Centre for Development and Environment Policy (CDEP) had been established in 1998 as an interdisciplinary platform of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. The main objective of the CDEP is to address crucial policy issues on the complex relationship between economic activities and the natural environment.

Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI)

Throughout history entrepreneurs have transformed society by generating innovative ideas and implementing them pragmatically. The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) at IIMC is an initiative to achieve greater understanding of this process as well as stimulate its development for societal benefit. CEI’s vision is to be acknowledged as a programme of international renown, where students, faculty, alumni, industry and policy makers collaborate, learn and innovate.

Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG)

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta has set up the Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG) to create and disseminate knowledge in the area of corporate governance. The IIMC Centre for Corporate Governance has been recognized by the Government of India as a "Centre for Excellence" for imparting training to directors of companies registered under the Companies Act 1956.

Social Informatics Research Group

Social Informatics Research Group is a multi-disciplinary research group at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta involving academicians, researchers and specialists in the domain of Management, Social Policy, Sociology, Education, Social Work and Computer & Information Science. The objective of Social Informatics Research Group is to develop and evaluate Internet-enabled social media based Social Information Systems, to investigate their applications for societal benefits and to study their possible impact on individual, groups, organizations and society at large using a set of analytic tools.

HPS Research Group

The High Performance Research Group studies high performance systems for next generation ICTs. Some of the research areas include Interconnect Routing for Nanometric VLSI circuits, Floorplacement for Nanometric VLSI circuits and Physical Design for 3D VLSI circuits.

IIM Calcutta Case Research Center (IIMCCRC)

The IIM Calcutta Case Research Center (IIMCCRC) is set up to develop a repository of teaching cases and notes that can be used by Faculty of Business Schools in India and abroad. The major thrust of the center is to develop India focused cases. IIMCCRC will also develop Industry notes as supplementary reading materials to enhance classroom room learning. The uniqueness of this center lies in the fact that it provides case writing support to case authors. This support helps authors to devote quality time in case development. For further details contact Prof. Dharma Raju Bathini, the faculty coordinator of IIMCCRC.