PGPEX-VLM 2014 Batch comes from a diverse background and with my sessions on Probability and Statistics, the Change Leaders are sure to set new benchmarks in the Industry.

Prof. Rahul Mukerjee

Probability and Statistics


I have been teaching at IIM Calcutta for the last 16 years and I found that the PGPEX-VLM class of 2014 has high functional diversity and depth. I enjoyed interacting with the students of this batch while teaching the subject of Strategic Analysis. The students worked hard on case presentations and projects. With their extensive industry experience, complemented by the academic inputs they got from IIM Calcutta, I am confident that they will indeed be a very valuable resource for your organization. The PGPEX-VLM is a unique and first of its kind programme in the country and the students passing out of this programme contribute significantly to companies recruiting them for senior management positions.

Prof. Ranjan Das

Strategic Management


I taught Manufacturing Strategy and few sessions of Operations Management to the class of 2014 of PGPEX-VLM. I found the group to be highly motivated and very engaging in the class discussions. I strongly believe that the graduates of the VLM program have a lot to contribute to the Indian manufacturing growth story.

Prof. Peeyush Mehta

Manufacturing strategy


The Participants of PGPEX-VLM Class of 2014 are enthusiastic, hardworking and skilled professionals. The pedagogy and rigors of the course are certainly going to complement their knowledge and experience and will make them a right choice for recruiters.

Prof. Biju Paul Abraham

Public Policy & Management


The PGPEX-VLM is a unique programme to address the need of unprecedented growth in manufacturing field. It is delivered through a unique pedagogy, which is a blend of classroom sessions, group & project work, and workshops. This is enabled through close partnerships with industry. Our participants are "day one job ready" and can perform - all this with humility, collaborative spirit and innovative minds.

Prof. Soumyen Sikdar



I found the students focused, self-driven, and eager to learn. They were analytical and able to apply the concepts learned in classroom. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching the PGPEX- VLM 2014 batch.

Prof. Sudhir SK Jaiswall

Cost Accounting


Teaching Project Management to PGPEX-VLM students is always a unique and enriching experience. Their diverse strong industry experience combined with high level of motivation and dedication, always lead to lively class discussions. I have strong faith that VLM students will bring value to their organisations in years to come.

Prof. Bodhibrata Nag

Project Management


I found the PGPEX-VLM Class of 2014 to be extremely energetic, competent and possess strong analytical ability. The students worked extremely hard on case presentations and projects. The understanding and insights they have acquired in the Programme, e.g. making sense of financial statements, budgets and costs, should enable them to appreciate and resolve the conflicting pressures on a business enterprise. I believe that the students will be able to contribute to their prospective employers in a superior way by combining their new learnings with their past organizational experience.

Prof. Manju Jaiswall

Finance and Control


I have had the pleasure of teaching Information and Communication Technology (ICT) management to PGPEX-VLM students, and their tremendous abilities to relate theories and principles taught in the class to their past experiences never cease to amaze me. As technical experts topped up with the appropriate training from IIM-C and IITs, these set of young managers will definitely turn out to be great asset for the companies with their talent, adaptability and dedication.

Prof. Debashis Saha

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) management