IIM Calcutta - Right To Information

1. Introduction

  • Background - Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI Act) and IIM Act, 2017
  • Objectives and purpose - To provide information about the Institute and sources of information
  • Users - Students, Faculty and Staff of the Institute, general public etc.
  • Organisation of the information - As per guidelines of the Ministry of HRD, Government of India
  • Definitions -
    • Institute: Indian Institute of Management Calcutta
    • Act: Right to Information Act 2005
    • Act: January 31, 2018, IIMC comes under IIM Act 2017
    • Status: Memorandum of Association & Rules of the Institute
  • For Additional Information -
    • Refer the various books on Rules and Regulations of the Institute
    • Contact the appropriate officer as per list in the Institute website

2. Particulars of Organization, Functions and Duties

2.1 Establishment

The Indian Institutes of Management Calcutta is 1st such Institute was set up by the Government of India, Government of West Bengal & Alfred P. Sloan School of Management (MIT), Ford Foundation and Indian Industry in 1961.

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta was registered under the Societies' Registration Act, 1860 under Registration No. S/4906 of 1961-62 and On January 31, 2018, IIMC comes under IIM Act 2017.

2.2 Mission/Vision and Core Institutional Values

Vision: To be an international centre of excellence in all aspects of management education.

Overall Mission: The mission of the Institute is to develop innovative and ethical future leaders capable of managing change and transformation in a globally competitive environment and to advance the theory and practice of management.

Core Institutional Values: We shall strive to develop and sustain the following values to provide the context for all our programmes and activities -

  • Excellence,
  • Academic Freedom,
  • Commitment,
  • Responsiveness to Societal Needs,
  • Creativity,
  • Openness,
  • Diversity with Synergy

2.3 Main activities /functions of the Institute

Teaching, Research, Management Development, Consulting, Training

Major educational programmes are:

2.4 Services being provided by the Institute

  • Teaching at Post-graduate levels in Management
  • To undertake research, training and consultancy
  • To organize conferences, seminars and short-term & Long Duration Programme.

2.5 Expectation of the Institute from the public for enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency

The Institute needs support, co-operation and suggestions of all walk of the Society and especially from its Alumni.

2.6 Arrangements and methods made for seeking public participation/contribution

The Board of Governors has representatives of the Central Government, State Government, Eminent persons, distinguished in the field of Education, Industry, Commerce, Social Service or Public Administration, Alumni, Faculty Nominees and Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes etc.

2.7 Mechanism available for monitoring the service delivery and public grievance resolution.

The monitoring is through the Board of Governors.

2.8 Address of the Institute

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, 
Diamond Harbour Road, Joka 
Kolkata - 700104, India

2.9 Institute working hours

Teaching: (as per Academic planner) 
Administration: 9.15 am to 5.45 pm (Monday to Friday) 
Saturday and Sunday - Holiday 
Library Hours: 09.15 AM to 6.00 AM following day 
Weekends and other holidays: 10.00 AM to 6.00 AM following day

3. Powers and Duties of Officers and Employees:

The Board of the Institute shall be responsible for the general superintendence, direction and control of the affairs of the Institute and shall have the power to frame or amend or modify or rescind the regulations governing the affairs of the Institute to achieve the objects of the Institute. The Director shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute and shall provide leadership to the Institute and be responsible for implementation of the decision of the Board.

Dean (Academic), Dean (New Initiatives & External Relations) appointed from among faculty for a period of every three years for providing advise to the Director on academic and related issues.

The Chief Administrative Officer will advise/assist on administrative matters. The Chief Administrative Officer is nominated as Secretary, Board of Governors, and is the custodian of records related to meetings of the Board of Governors and Sub-Committees and is responsible for organizing these meetings and conveying/implementing the decisions by the Board and Sub-Committees.

The Librarian manages the library facilities of the Institute.

The Finance & Accounts Officer manages the financial and accounting functions and advises Director on Financial matters. Other officers and staff of the Institute assume powers, responsibilities and duties as assigned to them from time to time by the respective departmental heads.

Power and Duties of Other Employees and Work Allocation

As per the power sub-delegated by the Competent Authority, the Head of the Department has certain administrative and financial powers for smooth functioning of the department.

The Finance & Accounts Officer/ Executive Engineer/Sr. Administrative Officers or equivalent posts are the departmental Heads in Academic and non-academic areas.

The employees are performing the assigned duties in the designated level of Jr./Sr. Office Assistant, Asst./Associate/Executive/Sr. Executive and Administrative Officers or equivalent posts. The Administrative Officers/AFAOs/AEs or equivalent posts are Sectional Heads managing the overall activities in academic and non-academic segments.

4. Procedure followed in decision-making process

The Board of Governors of the Institute shall be the principal executive body of the Institute. Director, Dean (Academic), Dean (New Initiatives & External Relations) and Chairs for each Academic Programme and Centers, Chief Administrative Officer, Librarian and Finance & Accounts Officer carry out the various functions of the Institute as per procedures laid down in the Rules of the Institute. The decision/information relevant for public information is communicated to public by announcements, advertisements and through website. The decision are thereby taken regarding academic matters, students' affairs, staff affairs, finance, facilities of the Institute and infrastructure.

The decisions and targets on various aspects of administrative and academic issues are taken within stipulated time period and the academic events are promulgated in advance in the academic year through academic diary.

5. Norms/Standards

The norms and standards for various programmes of the Institute are set by the respective Academic Committees which also monitors progress and achievements of students undertaking various academic programmes.

6. Rules, regulations and instructions used:

Indian Institutes of Management Act 2017

7. Official documents and their availability

8. Board, Sub-Committees and other bodies

  • Board of Governors
  • Finance Committee
  • Campus Development Committee
  • Medical Committee
  • Personnel Committee

Meetings of the IIMC Board and its Sub-Committees are available on submission of application, subject to confidentiality.

Board of Governors:

Professor Uttam Kumar Sarkar

Academic Council:

Academic Committees

Academic Groups

Centre Chairs

9. Directory of Officers and Employees

10. Pay structure of Institute Employees:

11. The Budget Allocated

12. Subsidy Programmes: Subsidy Programme Financial Aids and scholarship.

For the Post-Graduate Programme in Management, scholarships are given to needy students.

13. Information available in Electronic Form

All relevant information about Institute activities is available in our website.

14. Means, methods and facilities available to citizens for obtaining information

15. Process of Redress Grievances

The Institute has its Internal Complaints’ Committee. The Internal Complaints Committee submits its report in March each year according to rules. The composition of the Complaints Committee.

16. Transfer Policy and Transfer Orders

The Transfer on various jobs/ assignments are carried out as per requirement of the Institute.

RTI Applications Received

The following are the RTI applications received/disposed of during the financial year 2017-18:

(Online and Postal RTIs)
RTI Applications received/ disposed 
(includes carry forward/pending applications from previous Quarter)
Quarter 127
Quarter 238
Quarter 327
Quarter 444
Total for the year 2017-18136
(Online and Postal RTI Appeals)
RTI Appeals disposed/closed
Quarter 101
Quarter 200
Quarter 300
Quarter 400
Total for the year 2017-1801

17. Public Information Officer

First Appellate Authority

Mr. Alok Chandra 
Chief Administrative Officer 
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta 
Diamond Harbour Road, Joka 
Kolkata – 700104 
Phone: 03324678300-06 
Email: cao@iimcal.ac.in


Filing of Application 
Payment of Fee 
Disposal of Request 
Download Application Form

1. Filling of Application

(a)  A person seeking information may file an application on form attached as Appendix ‘A” either in writing or by e-mail giving particulars of the information being sought.

(b)  The application along with the requisite fee can be given to the Public Information Officer (PIO), Indian Institute of Management Calcutta Kolkata - 700104

(c)  In case request is made by e-mail, the fee should be deposited within seven days. Non-receipt of fee will imply withdrawal of request.

2. Payment of Fee 

(a) A nomimal fee of Rs. 10/- will be charged as application fee. 

(b) For information under Section 7, additional fee will be payable as under- 
(i) Rs. 2/- per page (A4 or A5) 
(ii) Actual cost (for sizes bigger than A4 or A5) 
(iii) In case of printed material- 
   (aa) Price of publication, or 
   (ab) Rs. 2 per page in case of photocopies 
(iv) Actual cost of samples and models. 
(v)  In case information is needed on disk or floppy- Rs. 50/- per disk/floppy 
© Inspection of records- 
(i) No fee for first hour 
(ii) Rs. 5/- per 15 minutes (or part thereof). 
(d) No fee, if the 
(i)  Requisitioner is below poverty line 
(ii) PIO has failed to reply within 30 days 
(e) The fee is payable in cash/ demand draft/ banker’s cheque favouring Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, payable at Kolkata.

3. Disposal of request

(a) The Institute will make an endeavour to provide the information in 15 days subject to a maximum of 30 days. 
(b) The requester will be informed about the fee. The intervening period will not be included in the 30 days time specified for the reply. 

Appendix ‘A’

Application Form for Seeking Information under RTI Act 2005


Public Information Officer

Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

Joka, Diamond Harbour Road

Kolkata  700104 1. Name of Applicant 2. Address 3. Particulars of information sought   (a) Department concerned   (b)  Particulars of information required    (i) Details of information required (specified):   (ii) Period for which information asked for   :   (iii) Any other details 4. I state that the information sought does not fall within the restrictions contained in Section 8 of the Act and to the best of my knowledge it pertains to your office. 5. A fee of   Rs. 10/- is enclosed herewith vide Demand Draft No.________ dated ______favouring “Indian Institute of Management Calcutta” payable at Kolkata or the fee has been deposited in your office by cash on ____ (Cross out what is not applicable)


Date :                                                                      ( Signature of Applicant) 
E-mail address, if any:__________                          Place______________ Telephone No (Office)____________                  Residence __________