IIM Calcutta is one of the top 3 business schools in India. It was established in 1961 in collaboration with the Sloan School of Management (MIT), the Ford Foundation, the Government of West Bengal, together with ample support and cooperation from the Indian business fraternity. Today, IIM Calcutta is a veritable melting pot of excellence - both its students and faculty are among the best in the world. The IIMC campus is spread across 135 acres of Joka, a suburb in the southern part of Kolkata. It boasts of scenic locales, seven lakes, and even a miniature Howrah Bridge. Our picturesque campus also doubles up as a sanctuary to an incredible number of exotic and rare species of birds. The campus also houses facilities like four fully-equipped air-conditioned lecture halls coupled with small comfortably furnished classrooms, in the existing academic blocks. A brand new academic block equipped with world-class facilities and teaching aids also awaits your arrival. A unique feature of IIM Calcutta that sets it apart from most campuses around the world is the Management Centre for Human Values (MCHV). Setup in 1992, MCHV strives to uphold contemporary adaptations from the perennial corpus of Indian psycho-philosophical wisdom. IIMC has the largest management library in Asia. Through it, students can gain access to over 140,000 reference works and 1500 periodicals, and a remote access to the entire electronic collection through our campus-wide LAN network, which is constantly upgraded to ensure that the students can stay connected to the world through the internet. You can read more about our campus infrastructure here. With a selection ratio of 1:300, only the very best students can make it to IIMC. These students hail from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, but share a common ground of enthusiasm and a penchant for perfection. Learning from world renowned faculty in an environment outlined with diverse and versatile skills and specialties, IIMC students are always successful in emerging as the future torchbearers of the corporate world. Our campus has four hostels for housing students of the MBA and FP programmes. In addition, a new state-of-the-art residential block for students has just become functional. Married students are allotted separate quarters where they can stay with their families. Moreover, a new hostel has been constructed and is all ready to welcome students. Taking time out from the rigorous academic schedule of IIMC, the students can often be found lounging at the jetty near the lake, or taking part in a variety of extra-curricular activities on campus. The IIM Calcutta faculty has more than 80 permanent members and many visiting members from the industry and other reputed business schools. Faculty members at IIMC have had over 1000 papers published in leading international journals. IIMC publishes the semi-annual management journal, “Decision”, which has acquired a formidable reputation in the field of management research. There is continuous interaction between the faculty and industry experts, with members taking up consulting assignments for companies, the Indian Government, the United Nations, and other international agencies. You can read more about IIMC faculty and research by clicking on this link. In 2010, IIM Calcutta reaffirmed itself as the ‘Top Choice of Recruiters’ across all industries such as investment banking, consulting, marketing, manufacturing, and IT, with 278 students getting placed within a span of 5 days. Several prestigious firms recruited exclusively from our campus. To read more about recruitment statistics of IIM Calcutta, please click here.