As a Global Centre of Excellence for Management Studies, we aim to make our partnerships with institutions across the globe more collaborative and holistic in nature. To this end, we propose to collaborate with our partners in as many arenas as will add-value to our respective Visions, Missions and Goals. While it is impossible to envisage every aspect of such collaboration, we have tried to enumerate some opportunities which can be explored in the present context. These could be conducting joint conferences & seminars, executive training programs – both on-line as well as on-campus, creating opportunities for exchanging faculty and students, and joint research projects with our partner institutes.

We believe that this exchange of faculty and students between our institutes would encourage knowledge transfer that would prove to be mutually beneficial. A global perspective to today’s management problems is not only desired, but also required to be a successful leader. The gains from having discussions about, and collaborating in trying to find solutions to the most pressing management issues of the day would help both institutes improve. For further details on the possible areas of collaboration, please peruse the sections on individual opportunities for collaboration. Other than the opportunity areas specifically mentioned on this site, we are open to exploring other opportunity areas that prospective partners envisage as tools for taking our institutions to the future.