IIM Calcutta campus, Kolkata, December 26, 2013: On the occasion of the legendary reunion celebrations for the batch that graduated 25 years ago at IIM Calcutta, Reminiscence will be held during December 27-28, 2013. This time it is about the 23rd batch visiting the campus. The Annual Alumni Reunion this year is somewhat different from the earlier events due to a) they will be housed in the brand-new executive guest house which is of world standard; and b) for the first time a unique talk session, IGNITE, shall be organized to enable current students to immerse with the business wisdom of alumni. Nine alumni from the 23rd batch shall captivate the audience with brief idea talks, along the lines of the famous TED talks. The purpose of the forum is to initiate discussion between alumni and students on some of the most captivating ideas on topics ranging from business management to personal passions.

The members of the 23rd batch have a mixed-bag of profile, which include leaders from top banks, big corporate houses, consulting firms and non profit organizations. To showcase the multifaceted profile, the visiting batch includes professors at world renowned universities, Corporate CEOs and officers in the government.

This two-day event has many more to offer - several celebratory events planned for the visiting alumni. Events such as campus walks, cricket matches, bonfire and dinner cruises are planned to spread the camaraderie that evolved in the hallowed portals of this institute. At the same time, distinctive Joka traditions such as performances by dramatics club, choreography club and the legendary JBS BaroC band are planned. The atmosphere is ripe to rekindle the spirit of Joka in the days of Reminiscence.

There will be a structured official interaction with the director and dean of IIM Calcutta. According to Professor Ashok Banerjee, dean of new initiatives and external relations who also heads the Alumni affair of the Institute, "we need to engage more with alumni and seek their support in various activities of the Institute. Reminiscence provides us a platform to interact with alumni who have already made marks in their professional career".