Armageddon, the Adventure club of IIM Calcutta was the brainchild of Late Malli Mastan Babu, who held the record of climbing the highest summit in each continent in 2006. Armageddon emphasizes on inculcating the spirit of adventure in the campus: the will to go beyond one's limits, to discover what one considered unattainable!
Events organized by Armageddon are designed to make their participants test their physical limits, mental endurance and develop a team spirit. Armageddon’s events not only provide a much needed relief to participants from the academic rigor, but also add a tinge of adventure in their lives. The war cry: Never Give Up, Never give in.

Events & Performances:

Mountaineering Expeditions
Outbound trips
In-Campus Events: Roadies, Tour De Joka, Marathons


Core Members:

  1. President
    Dilpreet singh - 9780024945 -
  2. Events head
    Omkar Wayal - 9833174071 -
  3. ER & Workshop head
    Athira Kannan - 8547828990 -
  4. PR & Sponsorship head
    Khushboo Kumari - 7059861131 -

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