Choreography Club

choreography club choreography club choreography club choreography club

One of the most prestigious and top rated clubs on campus, the Choreography Club brings together people who are passionate about dance. Though dance is usually viewed as a recreational activity, a high degree of commitment is expected from the club members. Tremendous hard work, dedication & sincerity are all factors that lead to a great performance, and the club members are cognizant of this fact. Last year, choreography club won first position in dance competitions at both XLRI and IIM Calcutta cultural fest. The club calendar is occupied throughout the year - be it participating in the Institution’s Formal Events or representing IIM Calcutta in various Intercollegiate Dance Competitions.

~Everything's better when you dance your heart out.

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Events & Performances:

Fresher’s Welcome
Badla Party
Independence Day
Inter-section dance competition
Stepper’s Welcome
Intercollegiate competition
Dance Workshops

Core Members:

  1. President - Aiswarya M - 9446766507 -
  2. Overall Coordinator
    Niharika Kapoor - 9820916269 -
    Darshan Awale - 8975697122 -
  3. Director - Neha Agarwal - 9461140219 -
    Anmol Shaha - 9572380912 -
  4. Partnerships & Logistics Head - Ayush Gupta - 9044444058 -
    Shubham Bansal - 8120890507 -
  5. PR & Design Head - Nandini Munda - 7064005622 -
    Chinnapothula Surya Prakash - 6282754705 -

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