Hues is the creative capital of IIM Calcutta. Our focus as a club is to foster the creativity and artistry of all the students. We understand that with all responsibilities and the work all students have to do, they tend to lose contact with their creativity. We are here to ensure that this connection to the fun part of art is never lost. We intend to pursue this lofty ambition by having multiple events ranging from religious festival celebrations like Pujo, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Makar Sankranti, Holi, etc., to weekly art that features the artwork of our members. We want to achieve a balance between business and art while not being restricted just by the forms that have already existed in the past to drive experimentation. HUES is known for their teamwork partnerships, having worked with almost every club; HUES is truly a club to look out for!

Email ID:

Events & Performances:

Exhibitions: Arts Day, Mandi Arts Stall
Workshops: Photoshop, Glass Painting, Pottery, Psychedelic art, Origami
Art of the week: Painting, Origami, Sketching, Digital Arts, Wall painting, inking
Festival Art(s): Durga Puja, Diwali Doodle, Rangoli, Kite Making
Joka Art competition
Wall Paintings

Core Members:

  1. President
    Kanchan Nakhate - 8888798293 -
  2. Overall Coordinator
    Shruti Sinha - 7209051572 -
  3. Marketing Head
    Adnan Chowdhry - 7506017321 -
  4. Logistics Head
    Dishant Gakhar - 7503789451 -
  5. Design Head
    Mihir Mahesh Tupe - 7021649914 -
  6. Partnership Head
    Rima Akhtar Banu - 7076508498 -
  7. VP Events
    Soumyashree Biswas - 7602458468 -
  8. VP Logistics
    Srinivasan G - 8148006744 -
  9. VP Design
    Nancy Jain - 9910820992 -
  10. VP Marketing
    Sunaina - 8100199643 -
  11. VP External Relations
    Ankita Bag - 7205706685 -

Official email -