Luminati, erstwhile know as Lakeside Lens Lovers, is the official Photography Club of IIM Calcutta. It is a group of amateur photographers who constantly experiment and explore new horizons in photography. The club is responsible for generating artistic photo and video content that ingeniously captures the serene beauty of Joka campus, the bustling student life and the magic of city of Kolkata. The club encourages assisted and self-based learning through workshops, photo-walks and competitions. The club has actively contributed to promoting IIM Calcutta through various engagements on social media, and organization of and participation in different photography competitions. It also supports other clubs & IIM Calcutta ER/ PR activities by covering their events whenever possible.

Core Members:

  1. President - Rahul Bondar - 9545819701 -
  2. Events and logistics head - Shipra Chaudhary - 8953664001 -
  3. Publicity and sponsorship head - Jasleen Kaur - 9711632374 -
  4. Creative and content head - Naitik Sarvaiya - 9.1943E+11 -

Official email -