MarC (Marketing Club of IIM Calcutta)

MarC is the Marketing Club of IIM-Calcutta. Its aim is to provide first hand marketing experience to the students through various year round events, case study competitions and industry live projects in the domain of strategy, marketing consultancy, branding and market research. The club has been proactive in corporate relations and helping them connect to the students of IIM-Calcutta through guest talks, workshops and event sponsorships.
Our belief is that MBA is all about ‘learning by doing’ and that there is more to be learned by going out there and promoting and selling your product to real customers than by reading about how to do it from a book.

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Events & Performances:

Marketing God of Joka
MarC League
Social Solitaire
Marketing Mantra
Marketing Workshops
Live Projects
Alumni Interactions
Guest lectures
Placement preparation material and workshops

Core Members:

  1. President
    Duppala Sree Harsha - 9440857156 -
  2. Vice President
    Kartik - 8896894540 -
  3. Design and PR Head
    Sonali Gupta - 7909074012 -
  4. IR Head
    Prasann Sharma - 9045387454 -

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