"IIM C Toastmasters Club is chartered with Toastmasters International and provides a supportive & positive learning environment in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.
With fortnightly club meetings, we provide a learning experience for members and ensure their progress over the leadership and communication tracks. Every meeting consists of prepared speech, table topic round and evaluation section; and members get to hone their leadership and public speaking skills by playing roles like TMOD, Evaluator, Grammarian etc.
We take pride in our members who help each other prepare for placements, presentations, oratory and leadership."


Events & Performances:

Toastmasters Meetings
Speech Competitions
Guest Talks
Joint meetings with other B-Schools and community clubs

Core Members:

  1. President - Prabhjeet Singh Arora - 7253048876 -
  2. VP- Education - Kokkanti Bhanu Prakash - 9703299675 -
  3. VP- Membership - Pooja Das - 8444910706 -
  4. VP- Public Relations - Mannava Sowmya - 8333038336 -
  5. Secretary - Mada Rishica - 7022209387 -
  6. Treasurer - Czaee Shefali Kolekar - 9003683793 -
  7. Seargeant At Arms - Apoorva Laddha - 9462199892 -

Official email -