IIMC’s faculty has always had a far reaching influence on the development of students. A professor can mould his/her students in a way that can guide their thought processes for the rest of their lives. As such, this makes our faculty a vehicle of change for us.

We want to enrich our and our partner institute’s intellectual capital through exchange of knowledge and expertise. As a vehicle for achieving this, we have envisioned a faculty exchange program. Under the scope of this program, our faculty members would spend some part of their academic term teaching at a partner institute. During this period they would share their expertise, besides making an honest effort to learn from the faculty members and students present there. Moreover, this would prove to be an enriching experience for the partner institute, as our faculty members help expose their students and professors to insights gained from practicing management education in India.

In exchange, we welcome faculty members from the partner institute to come and spend time at our campus and teach a course of their liking. We believe that our students will gain from an exposure to different pedagogies of management education and new viewpoints that the visiting faculty members might bring to the table. During his/her tenure here, the visiting faculty gains from the knowledge gathered at IIMC, which enriches their and the partner institute’s intellectual capital.