IIMC carries a distinctive identity among top Asian B- Schools owing to its strong emphasis on combining academic rigor with relevance, while maintaining plurality and diversity in form, content, and methodology. IIM Calcutta offers significant number of courses in a wide range of specializations to suit requirements of all the students in each and every term. IIMC course electives are available in diverse management sub-disciplines viz. Organizational Behavior, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Systems, Strategic Management, Environment, Human Resources, Operations, Regional Development, Ethics and Sociology. To further his interest a student may also choose from a variety of non–credit courses.

IIM Calcutta offers a wide range of courses for aspiring business graduates. The increasing number of industry related-courses and those specialized modules which attempt to inculcate an entrepreneurial spirit strongly reflects the commitment of IIMC to constantly reinvent itself. What sets IIMC apart from most of the top business schools in India is its distinctive pedagogy. The institute follows a teaching methodology that is a perfect mélange of the case teaching and lecture methods. While the former teaches students through practical experiences, the latter strengthens their theoretical fundamentals. Debates, interactive discussions, and presentations are some of the distinctive aspects of our pedagogy.

The institute offers the largest number of electives (80+) among business schools in India. It was the first institute to introduce Business Ethics, Fixed Income Markets, and Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Strategy & Finance. Courses such as Strategic Brand Management, Sports & Entertainment Media Marketing, and Industrial Marketing are also unique to this campus.

In order to augment its finance competency, IIMC has established a financial and trading laboratory with Bloomberg terminals to provide students with hands-on guidance. This lab features 51 trading simulators and live data feeds from the BSE, NSE, MCX, and NCDEX. In addition, cutting edge electives such as Financial Engineering, Risk Management, and Computational Intelligence in Finance keep students abreast with the latest developments in the world of business and trade.

With changing dynamics of the business world, IIMC recognizes the need to develop specific skills through specialized courses like Sports & Entertainment Media Marketing, Management of Self, Politics of Development, Growth & Structural Changes in India & China, and Cross-Cultural Management. Such courses have seen enthusiastic participation from exchange students. Visiting students also enjoyed the privilege of working on various interesting projects undertaken by IIMC.

Some of the major projects conducted by the institute included conceptualization and implementation of business ideas on campus, in the course on Managing New Ventures. In this context, one of the most popular ventures was the preparation and sale of pancakes on campus by exchange students. In the Course on Entrepreneurship in NGOs, visiting students took up various initiatives – they collaborated with a fair-trade practices organization, sold their products on campus, and even raised money by organizing a music concert on campus. This was where they sold articles made by the aged people supported by HelpAge India. To read more about the courses offered at IIMC, please click here.

IIMC has one of the most dynamic and diverse faculties when compared to other management institutions in India. Our faculty not just consists of academicians, but also includes people experienced in the real world of business. Several of our faculty members have achieved global recognition and won awards in their respective fields of specialization. Our globally acclaimed faculty members devote their time and expertise shaping and enforcing innovative practices in diversified fields such as finance, information systems, economics, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, decision sciences, marketing, and manufacturing and management of technology.

IIMC’s faculty includes doctorates from leading institutions like Wharton, MIT, Stanford, Columbia and Cambridge, among others. Several professors have teaching experience at world-renowned institutes. Our faculty regularly undertakes research projects conforming to international standards in diverse functional areas of specialization. Their research papers are presented in conferences and seminars worldwide. And, we are proud that over 1000 papers have been published in leading international journals.

Our faculty firmly believes in open communication with the industrial fraternity, as they take up consulting assignments for corporate organizations, the Government, the United Nations, as well as other international agencies. To read more about our faculty and the research carried out by them, click here.