‘The Small People’- the true inheritors of earth. For millions of years they have been living inside the earth, hundreds of kilometers below the surface, in circumstances where no other form of life exists. Resources are few but enough for the limited population. A scientific, technologically advanced society, citizens don’t have to worry about food, clothing, shelter, never fall sick and have developed a unique way of life to extenuate the limitations imposed by their environment, while making sure they don’t jeopardize the delicate balance that ensures their continued existence.'

Written by Deepankar Nayak- a 41st batch alumnus of IIMC, born and raised in the small town of Rourkela, Orissa, The Small People’ is a story of many dimensions. It has adventure, novelty, human fallacy and weaknesses, forgiveness, revenge, penitence and redemption. It attempts to picture a society where there is no want, life where not much is needed to be happy, and most importantly, people who find a purpose in living for others.

While still in school; Deepankar had read most of the novels the public libraries in town had to offer. A passion for literary fiction grew during his engineering days. His MBA brought great perspective into his life. Those two years made an indelible impression on his character. He has been writing poetry since high school, but only in the past few years, he has discovered a passion for writing novels, short stories and plays.

The book is published by Frog Paperback and is available online at Flipkart and Amazon. The links are;