Since its inception in 1961 IIM Calcutta has produced some of the best leaders that this world has ever seen. Over the years, IIM Calcutta, being the oldest IIM, has developed a very strong alumni base, which makes it unique amongst the top management institutes of the world. IIMC Alumni occupy leadership positions as corporate managers, academicians and successful entrepreneurs worldwide. They also continue to maintain a very close relationship with the institute, helping each other in their growth. The depth of this relation can be measured from the fact that IIM Calcutta has a dedicated team of students, called the alumni cell which works day and night in order to widen the platform for IIMC alumni interaction.

Alumni Cell organizes Annual Alumni summer meets at different cities across the world with the intention of strengthening the bonds between IIM Calcutta, its alumni and current students. These parties are occasions where they get to meet in an informal and relaxed atmosphere, to renew old friendships and remember the old days. This series of summer alumni meets is called Nostalgia and is organised by the PGP-1s who are undergoing their summer internships. Nostalgia serves as an excellent opportunity for the PGP-1s to interact with their experienced seniors and learn from their lives.

Nostalgia started a long time ago, and was first organised in Indian cities with the help of the alumni chapter of the respective cities. Slowly because of the success and utility of the event Nostalgia was expanded to other cities. Today it is an international event and is held at 10 locations including four international destinations. Nostalgia 2010 was held across New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Singapore, Hong Kong, London and New York. It is also a unique opportunity to directly interact with the senior executives of eminent companies across industries. On the whole, it is an event soaked in nostalgia, respect, love and admiration. Apart from networking with stalwarts, it is an opportunity for the students aspiring to be the future corporate leaders, to take a tip or two from the alumni.

The Nostalgia 2011 event at Delhi was a success with good participation from the alumni. Students, alumni from recently graduating batch, the Delhi chapter and few others helped in organizing the event. Over 300 people attended the event compared to around 140 last year. Many notable alumni attended the event like Sunil Duggal from Dabur, Rohtak Mal from Escorts, Dr. Prem Saran – Commissioner, Government of Assam and many more. There was also good participation from the alumni from the older batches. Alumni liked the videos played during the event and they felt nostalgic for the institute. They also appreciated the Dean’s presence and interacted with him over diverse topics. There was encouraging response during the informal alumni reunion conducted in Hong Kong and Singapore. The alumni in Kuwait were extremely happy to attend the reunion there and wanted it to become a regular event. The reunion in London and New York was also very good.