Reminiscence 2018- Welcoming Back the Batch of 1993 at Joka

Walking out of the gates of Joka twenty something years ago, they surely did realize what they were leaving behind. But what they got out the place was something much more precious than that. No, I am not talking about the degree or the coveted jobs. They took back memories good and bad, irreplaceable bonds and Joka in their hearts. Well, one can only imagine the excitement of coming back to the campus after two and half decades with the same people. The place that once meant home to you. The people who turned from strangers to friends to family.

Reminiscence 2018 was all about celebrating the Batch of '93 and their Joka experience hosted by the Alumni Cell of IIM Calcutta. The two-day affair started with a welcome session followed by a fun-filled catching up session among the alums. The Alumni Cell also organized campus walks, sports activities, quiz and a special dinner with Dean, faculty and students. The dinner was followed by bonfire and power packed performance by Baro C from the Batch of '93. Day 2 of Reminiscence started with Alumni reviving their Joka days through heart warming stories. Post lunch, Alumni Cell conducted a photoshoot session for the Batch followed by Campus Endowment session. After the session, the current student body of IIM Calcutta hosted series of performances by the Dramatics Cell, Choreography Club and Baro C. The day ended with a Gala dinner and followed musical night under the stars.

Reminiscence'18 saw not just the 28th Batch coming together but also gave the students a chance to interact with industry leaders. The alums came from all over the world to attend the event and we hope that they enjoyed coming back IIM Calcutta as much as we loved having them.


Reminiscence 2018