Analytics Club (SIG)

We live in a time where we say, "Data is the new Oil", and this is also reflected in the fact that every company, no matter which sector, has an analytics department which manages the humongous amount of data generated daily. Analytics plays a crucial role in making data-driven decisions, cutting through the differences in industries or domains.
The Analytics Club of IIM Calcutta works with the vision of imparting the love for Analytics across IIM Calcutta so that the students can become better data-driven decision takers (managers) when they eventually pass out from this premier institute. The club is responsible for promoting the culture and passion for the field of analytics and is a community of like-minded individuals keen on numbers, data, and the role of analytics in today's digital world.

Key Goals:

  • Impart basic analytical skills & knowledge for all – It is a necessity for any manager.
  • Equip students with tools to collate, organize, and draw valuable inferences from the big data that is made accessible.
  • Provide students with information about the latest methods & techniques to approach various business issues by leveraging data.

Events & Performances:

  • Case Competitions (Internal & National)
  • Analytics Competitions (Quizzes, Puzzles, Meme wars, etc.)
  • Live Projects
  • Guest Lectures/Webinars
  • Prep Workshops – Excel, PowerBI, Python, SQL, etc.
  • Publications – DATAVERSE, SQL Concepts, Learning Series, etc.

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Core Members:

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