The culinary club endeavors to generate interest in the creative and diverse culinary heritage by bringing together enthusiastic people about food and its preparation. Food is quite obviously an ever-bonding factor for students, and we see great potential in this SIG that would not only have people of diverse cultures displaying their culinary skills but also encourage novice cooks to learn the art and contribute to building it as a hobby.

The Culinary Club aims to
  • Create a space (community kitchen) for students to dabble in the art of cooking.
  • Introduce students with no prior culinary experience in cooking.
  • Organize activities to promote healthy, sustainable cooking and dietary habit

In a world that is fanatically chasing convenience and a world where efficiency is the pagan god at whose altar we have already sacrificed so much of life’s simple charm, the Culinary Club at IIM Calcutta will be an effort to push back. An effort to allow students here a chance to take a step back in their day and reconnect with their food and themselves. An opportunity to take the inconvenient, inefficient route to food, for a chance to create, express, learn and connect.

Events :
  • Joka Masterchef
  • Pancakes Workshop
  • Barbeques
  • Free Giveway
  • Cuisines Quizzes
  • La-Tomatina
Core Members:
PostNameMobile No.Email ID
PresidentSidvilas Digna Bhukya8500093531sidvilasb2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in
Vice PresidentShikha Verma9008214706shikhav2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in
Events & Logistics HeadAditya Verma9927382319adityav2024[dot]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in
PR & Marketing HeadSri Vidya9704356228vidyas2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in
Logistics HeadLakshay Deep9560428335lakshayd2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in
Design HeadShaesta Sharif8292286805shaestas2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in
Events & Sponsorship HeadHarshini Rashik Solanki8466904020harshinir2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in
Marketing HeadAkhilesh Tholana7893667317akhilesht2024[at]email[dot]iimcal[dot]ac[dot]in

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