The Human Resource Management Group focuses on the study of critical issues in managing human resources at various levels of analysis - at the micro employee-employer level, at the firm/organizational level, and at the macro labor market level. Thus, the Group offers several courses that look into human and firm behavior in response to various HR policies, analyzes HR policies in a given business context, as well as examines the functioning of labour markets in a social, economic, and comparative context. Specifically, the group offers a basic Human Resource Management course in the first year which introduces students to the fundamental underpinnings of HR policy and practice. In the second year, the group offers a bouquet of elective courses in the areas of Strategic Planning and Human Resource Management, HR strategy and policy making, personnel economics, the economics of human resources, HRM in Services, HRM in Multinationals, and so on. The pedagogical leanings of the faculty are diverse ranging from open ended case discussions to engaging lectures. Similarly, the research interests of the group are eclectic.

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