We at the Organizational Behavior Group focus on the application of behavioral science knowledge in business and other organizations. Our faculty members come from a variety of backgrounds. Following are the details of what we do:

  • Teaching: We offer compulsory and elective courses in the different programs of IIM Calcutta. Our courses cover ideas which can help individuals, teams and organizations become more effective.
  • Executive Education and Consulting: We offer executive education and consulting services in a number of dedicated areas. These areas include personal growth, interpersonal effectiveness, team building, leadership development, conflict resolution, change management, management of creativity and innovation.
  • Research: Our research output is quite diverse. In the recent past, our faculty members have published papers on the topics of organizational justice, vendor-client relationship, discrimination in employment, technological innovation, commercialization of research in universities, globalization of business schools in India, social innovation, sexual violence, managing diversity, career management, corporate social responsibility, self-initiated expatriates, executive compensation, and the history of foundries.

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