cei venture

CEI provides support to creation of New Ventures by providing consulting services in evaluating opportunities, identifying resource requirements, assisting in resource acquisitions and managing New Ventures. Consulting activities are directed to both individual or Small /Medium Entrepreneurs as well as Corporate Ventures.

Regular clinics and workshops are organized to help entrepreneurs translate their ideas into practical ventures. 
In our effort to spread the light of knowledge wider, CEI involves itself with helping out small businesses in and outside Calcutta with their businesses.  

Some of the projects we worked in the current academic year:

  • As a part of one such "Live Project" program, our team is currently working with a Calcutta based Soda and Soft Drinks Maker , in their effort towards expansion. We shall be looking at various aspects of operations, marketing, product positioning, and long term growth strategy.
  • The Venture Support branch of CEI also worked closely with an IIMC Alumnus, understanding his business model of a Lifestyle Planning Website . The team developed a valuation model, based on monetisation of web traffic optimally for the different business sections of the venture. The team worked on designing an algorithm to have predictive results depending on customer behaviour and selection previously. The team also worked on integration of various sectors of the website effectively and maximising the synergy among them. The algorithm also facilitates in allocating the ads efficiently. In addition,an initiative to develop an MIS framework to handle the operations efficiently was also started.
  • Another new Live Project, we are about to start with is about a new Carpooling Website , the first one to offer reward points for carpooling. Under the purview of this project, we are setting up a revenue generating model for the website. The users will be rewarded when they carpool, the company will be rewarded with the extended visibility with the help of the website. And the owner of the website will be having a setup which will reward him.